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Is a nurse practitioner a therapist

Is a nurse practitioner a therapist? 

The medical field is as diverse as any other professional sector. There are several types of health care physicians, nurses, therapists, radiologists, and pathologists that work in a holistic manner. Moreover, scientists and technology experts who have been contributing to improving healthcare facilities over the years can also be included in this list.

Therefore, it is likely for the general public to be confused about who is what? There are times when it is hard to tell the difference, especially in the case of the nurses. Nurses and nursing practitioners are seen working with almost all types of medical specialists.

Due to this, many of you might have wondered, is a nurse practitioner a therapistIf yes, then how? And if not, then how do both differ? As you read along, you will answer most of these questions. Apart from that, one will also get the chance to learn the different types of nurse practitioners and the qualities of a good one.

Types of Nurse Practitioners

A nurse practitioner, also known as ‘NP’ in short, is a registered mid-level practitioner. They are trained to commence the practice on an individual level, but they are often seen assisting and working alongside physicians. It is important to note that there are different types of nurse practitioners before knowing that is a nurse practitioner a therapist? Some of the most common ones have been mentioned below.

  • Women’s health nurse practitioner 

These nurses that come under this category are trained and experienced in dealing with women’s issues. They work alongside gynecologists, and some are even known to work individually. They focus on reproduction, birth control, and gynecological health issues. These nurses can be found working in nursing homes, clinics, hospitals, assisted living, etc.

  • Acute care nurse practitioner

Their work is similar to those of the family nurse. This type of nurse provides care assistance throughout the patient’s lifespan if required. They play an important role in providing assistance and care in life-threatening and acute situations such as in ICU’s emergency rooms, critical wards, and so on.

  • Family nurse practitioner

The family nurses are known to work in different settings, ranging from clinics to old age homes. They provide personal care and assistance to people from all age groups. They examine the health issues, provide relevant treatments, and provide doctor references.

  • Adult-gerontology primary care nurse practitioners

These nurses provide primary health care to patients above the age group of 13b years. They assist and care for a lifespan duration and work in private clinics, hospitals, and community centers. Some even work in nursing homes and create awareness about healthy practices among the patients. They provide both acute and primary treatments, as per the level of health issue the patient is suffering from.

  • Psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners

These nurses diagnose and provide assistance and care to patients suffering from mental disorders and other related issues. Their work includes developing a plan that includes visitations to the doctors, counseling, and therapy sessions. Since they aid patients with mental disabilities or issues, one can find them working in private psychiatric clinics, hospitals, and mental health service centers. They are well versed in treating common related issues like depression, OCD, dementia, and so on.

Is it a good career choice?

It is indeed an excellent career choice. Although it takes years of practice and experience to earn a good fortune in this field, the freshers are also paid handsomely in certain hospitals. One can register as a solo nurse on online medical service-related websites and have individual patients to provide your services to.

Although most people think that a therapist is someone who assists in treating the mental disorder, that is not it. While not all types of nurse practitioners can be called therapists, Psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners are similar to mental health therapists in many ways.

Therefore, it is a known fact that all medical-related modern professions are blessed ones. If you are looking for ways to be a part of this blessed and noble field of work, you have made a good choice. And if you are already one and are looking for ways to showcase your acquired skills, then there are various online platforms where you can register to get hired.

Also, apart from the data mentioned above, you can access more information by looking up, ‘Is a nurse practitioner a therapist?‘ in the search engines. By doing so, you will be able to have a better understanding of what a nurse practitioner is and how to become one. Many online websites house experienced nurse practitioners that anyone can hire at cost-effective rates.