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What is the Physical Therapist Salary in the United States?

Physical therapist, otherwise known as PT, is one of the demanding careers. PTs work under the supervision and direction of senior physical therapists. Their prime responsibly is to help patients recover from illness and injuries that have affected their mobility. Physical therapist assistants will be assigned to patients to look after them directly.

Apart from direct care, the physical therapist also has to take care of indirect tasks as well, for example, setting up the treatment room, cleaning it, do clerical tasks, and move the patients.

Physical therapists’ job is quite rewarding, both in terms of salary and what they do. They help patients to get better, and without PT’s a patient will have a hard time recovering from the injury and illness they are suffering from.

Many people look for job responsibilities of a PTA and physical therapist salary in the United States. Don’t worry; this blog has got you covered.

Responsibilities of a PTA:

You will see a PTA doing the following tasks on a normal day:

Keep an eye on the patients before they came under their care, while they are under their care, and after completing their therapy. They must report the observations to the physical therapist.

PTAs will have to help patients do different kinds of physical activities so that they can start moving normally again without anyone’s help.

Treat patients by applying different techniques, such as stretching and massage, if asked by the doctor or if required.

Once the treatment is over, the PTA will have to speak to the patient and the family to make them understand how to take care of the patient once he or she is home.

These are the direct responsibilities of a PTA. Indirect responsibilities would be:

Clean all the treatment areas that they have been asked to and set up the treatment equipment for the patient.

Lines will have to be washed.

There will be clerical tasks to do; they have to do them whenever asked.

Support the patients when they need to be moved from one therapy room to another.

Please keep in mind that both direct and indirect work is part of the job. There will be many other things that a PT might be asked to do. Depending on where you work and what kind of skills you have, your responsibilities will be assigned.

How is the work environment?

By the end of 2020, physical therapists have held more than 52,000. A physical therapist can work in a government institution, nursing care facility, offices of physicians, and hospitals.

Please note that physical therapists can do part-time and full-time jobs. However, if need be, the physical therapist might be asked to do long shifts.

Physical therapist salary in the United States

As per a report, physical therapist salary in the United States was $58,790 by the end of 2019. That’s the average salary that has been recorded. The best ones earned around $69,880, while the least earned $47,690.

The pay of a physical therapist is not bad at all, and if you want to become a PT, it is better to work hard for it because the salary for a physical therapist is expected to increase a lot by the end of 2028.

Also, readers must note that experienced PTs will earn more salary than newcomers and people with less experience.

Wrapping up

Now that you know about the physical therapist’s salary and what to expect in terms of jobs, it is better to look for a PT staffing agency that will make the entire hiring process easy for you. Join a PT Staffing agency that will help you earn well.

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