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Understanding Speech Language Pathologist Salary

Speech language pathologist requirement is growing day by day. This is one career that offers challenges yet a high degree of employment prospects. A speech language pathologist will be working with numerous patients and will help them to live a better life.

A speech language pathologist will be responsible for providing care and assistance to both adults and children who are suffering from challenges, such as difficulty in communicating, swallowing, drinking, and eating. The major role will be to help people who need assistance regarding communicating and speaking. Patients can be both children and adults, as informed earlier.

As a speech language pathologist, the responsibilities will vary from one case to another. A speech language pathologist may also work with a multi-disciplinary team as well whenever required.

Here are a few things that one will have to take care of:

  1. Deal with patients with mild, moderate, or severe speaking, communicating, and learning disabilities.
  2. Deal with patients with language delay.
  3. Patients who face difficulty in producing sounds.
  4. Hearing impairment patients.
  5. Stammering patients.
  6. Patients with a voice disorder, and more.
  7. In adults, a speech language pathologist may deal with:
  8. Patients who can’t communicate properly, who can’t swallow, and others.
  9. Patients with mental health issues and voice problems.
  10. Learning difficulties.

These are some of the areas that a speech language pathologist may work for.
Looking at the growing requirement of speech language pathologists, it is worth knowing speech language pathologist salary. There are different places where a speech language pathologist may work. Some of them are listed below; please take a look.

Speech Therapist in Schools

If a speech language pathologist is working in a school, the average speech language pathologist salary is $66,960. This statistic is as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In this kind of setting, the speech language pathologist will be looking after school kids. The kids may have severe speech and language-related issues or mild; the pathologist will have to make sure to make each of the students feel comfortable and safe around them. You will have to plan for activities, therapists, and sessions with these kids, too, so that they can work on their challenges.

Speech Therapists in Medical Facilities

In a medical facility, a speech language pathologist will be working with multiple healthcare workers, such as a physical therapist, surgeons, physicians, and more. The average salary in a medical setting is $82,830. Most of the new speech language pathologists try to find a job in a medical facility mainly because it gives them a scoop to enhance their skills. Also, working in a medical facility would mean working with multiple patients. Patients can be both old and children.

Speech Therapist in Private Clinics

Apart from schools and medical facilities, a speech language pathologist may also work with a private clinic. The job responsibilities will be the same as mentioned above. The average speech language pathologist salary in a private clinic is $93,110. Another setting where many speech language pathologists like to work for. Private clinics do pay well, but just like any working environment, private clinics are not free from challenges.

Career Outlook for Speech Language Pathologist

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the expected growth for speech language pathologists is about 18%; since the baby boomer generation is increasing, more and more speech language pathologists will be required.


The statistics should tell you that the job prospects for the coming year are bright for speech language pathologists. If someone wants to become an SLP, it is time to work for it. Clear the related field degree, and to find a job, contact the right therapy staffing agency who will help find the right job for the right candidate.

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