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If you are in the medical care industry, then you will understand the importance of meeting your staffing needs. And there are different ways to meet your staffing needs as well; however, are you sure that the nursing staff you have at your hospital is on par? There will always be sure subtle signs that will tell you that your nursing staff needs to be replaced, and if you don’t hire the right physical therapist or nursing staff, your patients will not get the adequate care that they deserve.

Here are some signs that will tell you that you need to partner with the right nursing staffing partner:

Your nursing staff is getting burnt out

If your healthcare facility doesn’t have enough team at hand, it is evident that your current nurses will become burnt out soon with overwork. There are more patients, and the number of nurses or therapists you have at your healthcare facility is less. There is an obvious need for more staffing.

Many healthcare facilities ignore to hire new staff in order to save cost; however, the amount of pressure you put on your current team can lead to high turnover as well. This way, it is only your hospital that will suffer in the end. If you can notice that your staff is feeling pressured and they are working wat too much, then getting in touch with a nursing staffing agency could be the right solution.

Too much overtime

When your staff works overtime, it is evident that you will end up paying overtime to them. The problem doesn’t only end with a burnt-out team, but you will also have to keep in mind that they need to get paid for their overtime as well. But a burnt-out team will never perform efficiently.

If you are increasing the working hours of your staff, it is a subtle indication that you need more staff. Also, what is the use of paying overtime if your staff remains frustrated and tired all the time and fail to perform well? It would be best if you had a team that is ready to help everyone and not someone who feels burnt out.

Extra pay can be seen as a lucrative offer for some time, but making your staff working for more hours every day will make them feel exhausted, which is definitely not a good sign.

Lots of sick leave

An overworking staff will take more leaves, and nurses taking leaves can lead to dire consequences. Your medical facility needs nurses to keep track of the patients who are admitted. There are individual registered nurses who are trained for a particular kind of health issue. Imagine a hypothetic situation where they take leave, leaving the patient at the mercy of other nurses who might not know what to do!

You should take care of your staff too as much as you care for your patients. Every staff member should be looked after, and to do that; you should ensure that your healthcare facility has enough staffing to take care of all the patients that come and go.

You also shouldn’t be busy scheduling the duties of the nurses all the time. You have other essential responsibilities to handle. If you end up juggling with your daily work, then it’s a clear sign that your healthcare facility needs more staffing.


Have the required amount of medical staffing that you need to never run into a problem. Get in touch with the best medical staffing partner that will be there with you in every step. Get in touch with Flagstar Rehab today if you need help with medical staffing.

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