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How to apply for your occupational therapy license?


To work as an occupational therapist, one has to get a license in the respective State where they will be working. If you want to know how to apply for your occupational therapy license, you have come to the right place because this blog will help you understand how to proceed with the license. Please note that OT is regulated by AOTA in the USA. And this medical occupation is regulated in every 50 states, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia.


Every State will have its laws, and it is the law that governs the occupational therapy practice. Regulators are appointed for this task, and they are known as public officials who you will find working for multiple departments.


An OT license shows that an individual has met the base prerequisites of the Education Law to enter practice or utilize an expert title inside the responsible State. A permit is legitimate for the existence of the holder except if disavowed, invalidated, or suspended by the Board of Regents. The Education Law necessitates that a singular licensee intermittently registers with the Department and pay a charge to effectively practice or utilize an expert title inside the responsible State.


Every one of the 50 expresses, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia, require OTs and OTAs to be authorized. Thus, states have comparative, yet not indistinguishable, prerequisites and systems for getting a permit. For explicit state licensure prerequisites, consistently counsel the state OT treatment administrative organization or board.


To be authorized as an OT specialist in any state, you should:


be of acceptable good person;

be at least 21 years old for licensure as a word related advisor (for New York State);

be 18 years old for licensure as a word related treatment collaborator (for New York State);

meet schooling and assessment necessities.


You should present an Application for Licensure, and different structures showed, alongside the applicable charge, to the Office of the Professions at the location indicated on each form.


Occupational treatment permit prerequisites 


Move on from an ACOTE licensed OT or OTA instructive program.

Instead, complete your hands-on work necessities.

Apply for and Pass the NBCOT® Certification Examination.

Then, apply for a permit and pay a charge for each state/locale you wish to practice or hold a license as an OT or OTA.


Many, however, not all states permit professionals to rehearse on an impermanent OT or OTA permit or restricted license while holding back to take or get the aftereffects of the accreditation test. If you bomb the test, you will most likely be unable to keep on rehearsing. Each state OT administrative office ought to be counseled for explicit prerequisites and methodology.


Worldwide applicant 


If your application depends on using a loan allowed for the culmination of courses of study in a nation where English isn’t the critical language spoken, you should show capability in English by breezing through the TOEFL assessment.


Verification of OT license 


Anybody can check the permit of an advisor just by visiting the state administrative organization or their site. This assists with controlling unapproved or illicit practices. The permit confirmation measure is exceptionally straightforward; you can check it just by entering the name or permit number in the express power’s web-based interface.

An OT proficient should show a current OT enlistment authentication; this endorsement records the OT’s name, address, and dates of the enrollment time frame. OT experts must reregister like clockwork to rehearse.


The necessity of OT permit reestablishment 


You will have to submit the application form online to apply for a license.

You will have to pay the fees. Please note the fees will be different for different states.

You will have to share your social security number.

You will have to prove that you have the minimum education requirement and completed fieldwork.


What is Occupational Therapy permit correspondence? 


Each of the 50 states practice correspondence since the time NBCOT became normalized broadly. If your permit is legitimate and you have a clean disciplinary/lawful record in your State, simply apply and pay a charge to be conceded another license in the State you want.

OT permit correspondence permits specialists who hold an out-of-state permit to acquire a permit in a getting state, subject to meeting state-explicit necessities.


Now you know how to apply for your occupational therapy license. To know more about occupational therapy-related jobs, please contact

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