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How Much Physical Therapists Earn?

Physical therapist requirement has grown exponentially in the last few years. This clearly tells that the future of physical therapists is bright. As per BLS, Bureau of Labor Statistics, by 2026, job openings for physical therapists will grow by 28%. The demand for physical therapists will grow exponentially and at a much faster pace than other medical field occupations.

Suppose you are in your first occupation as a PT.  If you are getting paid a sum of $67,000 pay, you could anticipate that your gross monthly income should be $5,583 and your net ‘salary’ around $3,978 each month (that is, $918 seven days dependent on a solitary expense documenting status).

In regards to the question of how much physical therapists earn, keep reading to find the answer.

As a physical therapy specialist, you will be paid on either an hourly or pay premise. Hourly rates among salaried PTs change dependent on the complete number of hours worked.

Albeit a task with a set compensation may sound engaging, it could involve working more than a standard 40-hour week because of extra administrative work.

Assume you work at a centre for a yearly compensation, yet you’re needed to finish your documentation individually. Those additional 10 hours out of every week spent on documentation can essentially influence your hourly remuneration.

Never settle for compensation without realizing how long you’ll average on center and documentation time. Unfortunately, albeit a few centers actually pay advisors hourly for documentation, this is regularly not the situation.

Documentation Time Can Lower Your Hourly Rate

Since compensation is higher than $67,000 doesn’t mean you’ll get a better-than-expected hourly rate, particularly if you possess to cut out neglected energy for documentation. For example, assume your compensation is $75,000, or about $36/hour for a 40-hour/week plan. Then, going through an extra 10 hours/week on documentation will reduce your hourly rate to $28/hour.

Analyze these two situations:

A salaried specialist with 10+ long stretches of involvement procures $89,000, yet if she works 50 hours of the week, she acquires $34/hour.

An hourly specialist with < 5 years of involvement procures $80,000 yearly, yet by working just 40 hours per week, her rate is $38/hour.

Try not to be influenced by the compensation alone! Before you accept the position, consider: how long will you need to function?

Furthermore, to discover, ask different PTs how long past the 40-hour weeks’ worth of work they spend on documentation.

Keen Tip: If your center offers a salaried position yet necessitates that you report individually, consider rethinking the hours you invest for facility energy and solicitation that 30–an hour of the day be saved for documentation time.

Factors that can affect your salary

Your experience

As a fresh physical therapist working in a non-intrusive treatment facility, you’ll probably be paid short of somebody with ten years of experience. Most new active recuperation graduates have a beginning compensation of around $67,000. Ongoing PT graduates with under nine years’ experience normally earn about $80,000 each year, while specialists with over ten years’ experience normally will be $90,000+ yearly, as per the APTA.

Your location

Another factor that will affect your salary is your location. The top locations to work as a PT are- Connecticut, New Jersey, California, Alaska, and Nevada.

Your specialty

Now, a PT can work in many settings and specialties. For example, some working in an acute care hospital can expect to earn an average of $89,0000. If you want to work in an academic institution, the average salary will be $90,000. If you work in a skilled nursing facility, you can expect to earn $95,000. For those who work for home health, the average salary is $90,000.

Here is your answer for how much physical therapists earn. Just make sure that you get your degree and license first. After that, get your training and become a skilled PT. Keep in mind that you must show your passion and dedication for this job to become successful. For more information, you can visit

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