How To Become an Occupational Therapy Assistant

How To Become an Occupational Therapy Assistant

How To Become an Occupational Therapy Assistant

How To Become an Occupational Therapy Assistant?

Occupational therapy support workers are those who support people who struggle to do their day-to-day activities. When a person becomes ill, starts ageing, becomes disabled or injured, performing even daily activities becomes extremely difficult. Occupational therapy assistants are hired who work with Occupational Therapists who help these people carry out day-to-day tasks.

Some of the work that these occupational therapy assistants will have to do is help the patient with eating, dressing, washing, educate their patients, and more. These occupational therapy assistants will make sure that the person is able to continue doing activities that are essential and important for them. This will also involve learning different ways to do things which they could earlier do. This may also mean adopting new changes in the environment; this way, things will become easier for them.

Before contacting an OTA staffing company in New York, it makes sense to get to know how to get into OTA and how to become one.

Entry requirements

When it comes to OT support workers, there aren’t any rigid entry requirements. Your employer will want you to have good literacy and numeracy and have some qualifications, as well as experience in the social or healthcare sector. Some employers may ask for GCSEs in Maths and English. Other employees may ask for BTECH or else equivalent vocational qualifications in social and health care.

The most common requirement asked by the employers will be relevant work experience. It is always an added advantage for an employer when they hire an experienced occupational therapist assistant. Some healthcare facilities may not specify that in their requirements, but you will come across a few settings that might ask about your previous experience. Better to secure an apprenticeship in clinical or healthcare support. This way, it will become easier to apply for OT jobs.

Personal Characteristics and Skills Required

An OTA will have to have the ability to motivate people. You will be dealing with people who are vulnerable and need your support and help. Since these people are going through a tough time, you will have to accept their people’s lifestyle. You must have the right attitude to work with people from different walks of life. The people you will deal with can be from different backgrounds, and you should have an open mind to deal with them. You should be willing to talk to them and make them feel better. OTAs have to be flexible; they should be ready to travel. OTAs should also have the will and enthusiasm to work in a team; however, you should be able to use your own initiative as well. Ensure that you follow procedures correctly, and if there are any people with challenging behaviour, you must be willing to help them. Apart from all these, OTAs must have excellent communication, customer care, and organizational skills.


Once you are hired as an OTA, you will receive proper training to do the job correctly. This will include a proper introduction to the department that you will work with. You will also get to learn how to use and also set up the equipment. There are some certifications available, and it is better to go for them. The certifications will help you understand what an OTA will have to do and how to do it. As you become experienced, you will get to learn how to work better.

If you are a qualified OTA, and you want to join a good healthcare facility, better to connect with an OTA staffing company in New York. It is always better to contact an OTA staffing company because only a recruitment company will allow you to find the right job with the right remuneration.


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